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Fine Dining Among City Lights

The hotel restaurant has delicious, sumptuous local selection Thai dishes that allow you to eat while you take in the sunset over the cityscape.


Don’t miss a wind down in our cafe. Open for your 7am – 10am daily. Proundly present Thianess. We are ready to serve you complimentary snacks and refreshing, virgin beverages. Our best dishes highly recommended by our chef selection we listed below for you to savour. Enjoy a new tasty dish every day of the week.


To make a bottle service inquiry for HAVEN’T MET DINING please fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you promptly for availability. Submission of form does not guarantee reservation. To speak with a receptionist please call (+66) 2 233 4442 or email us at info@hotel-hm.com for more information.



Seating is first come first serve daily from 10:00 AM ‌- 10:00 PM.


seize the most relaxation with panoramic view of an amazing metro that awaits you, think about sipping margarita or the delicious cocktails from highly skilled bartenders at our renowned rooftop bar. Come and meet with various choices of refreshment from bubbly to fine vintage wines, exotic cocktails or draft ales served with tasty bites that allow every visitor the time to relax and enjoy the marvelous mix of music.


  • 1. Our first recommendation is the succulent Thai curry with pork or chicken steamed with panang curry paste.
  • 2. Next, we recommend Chicken Mussaman. It’s one of the best dish to dia for. A perfection with mussamun paste with tasty potatoes, onions and coconut milk.
  • 3. We always highly recommend the roasted duck with red curry. Slow cook and roasted duck come with red curry paste, fresh tomatoes and local Thai herb.
  • 4. When in Rome always do as the Romans do! Every Thai adores the sumptuous and spicy Tom Yum Gung. A must have famous Thai spicy soup with fresh shrimp, basil leaf, galangal and lemongrass.